Alcohol Tapering How to Taper Off Alcohol Safely

It is all part of the process, and no one’s process is the same. Keep your refrigerator stocked with nutritious foods and drinks.

  • This can give your body the chance to adjust, helping you avoid the worst of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Little scientific evidence exists regarding tapers, but medical detox has been proven to be asafe and effectiveway to quit drinking.
  • If you or someone you love is struggling with drinking, Orlando Recovery Center can help.
  • Stopping alcohol use can be difficult, but there are steps that you can take to make it safe and effective.
  • Dependence is often accompanied by tolerance, which is when it takes more and more alcohol for you to achieve the same effects that you experienced when you first started.
  • Once it begins to leave your body, early symptoms of withdrawal begin.

Anyone wanting to stop using alcohol may benefit from tapering if they first consult with their doctor to ensure they are tapering safely. Tapering is a more cost-effective method of stopping alcohol use, especially for those who do not have healthcare insurance or how to taper off alcohol the resources needed to get a professional detox. People who have successfully tapered from alcohol before may be especially likely to benefit from this strategy. It’s always best to speak with a healthcare provider when changing your relationship with alcohol.

Consider Medically Assisted Detox

Studies suggest that a tapering regimen that gradually decreases doses at fixed intervals can be beneficial. Alcohol metabolizes more quickly in individuals with a high tolerance to alcohol. On the other hand, it will take longer to metabolize in someone with a lower tolerance.

how to taper alcohol

Serious symptoms caused by delirium tremens include hallucination and seizure. The amount of time it takes to detox from alcohol depends on several factors, including whether you’re detoxing at home or with medical supervision. Detoxing at home usually takes longer because you should be cautious to avoid serious complications. You should start by determining how much alcohol you drink per day in terms of standard drinks. Bunmi is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Human Services.

How To Taper Safely off Alcohol

Tapering your alcohol intake, or slowly reducing it over time, can help you avoid severealcohol withdrawal symptoms. Some people can just quit drinking alcohol cold turkey without having significant withdrawal symptoms. Other people, however, may suffer significant withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop drinking.

  • People tapering off alcohol may begin experiencing early withdrawal symptoms within 6 to 12 hours after their last drink.
  • Continue to abstain from alcohol and monitor cravings or urges to drink.
  • Tapering off alcohol at home versus under medical supervision can also lengthen the process, for the sake of safety.
  • When untreated about one person in five will die of D.T.s. Some people refer to shakes as D.T.s but this is inaccurate.

Slowly tapering off alcohol is the safest way to naturally overcome alcohol withdrawal, and many at-home remedies can help you cope with mild withdrawal symptoms. However, medical treatment is necessary to treat major symptoms of withdrawal. The best way to safely quit drinking is by following the advice of a doctor or treatment center. The most recommended form of alcohol to use in tapering is beer due to its lower alcohol content.

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